Detective Hunt

Become a Winter Park History Detective by following the clues! Download our answer sheet here and turn it in at the Museum when you are finished.

Here are your clues:

  • 1) Leave the museum, cross New England Avenue, and turn right, cross over the railroad tracks and follow the sidewalk to the park entrance to the rose garden. What year was the garden dedicated?
  • 2) Charles Hosmer Morse generously gave the City of Winter Park the land for Central Park. Find the memorial in the park, near the train station. Read the plaque proclaiming the land for the citizens and write down the date when Mr. Morse died.
  • 3) Find a seal of the City of Winter Park. Which way does the peacock head face, left or right? What year was Winter Park founded?
  • 4) There are two fountains in Central Park. Find the one where a woman is playing the harp. What is her name? And who was the sculptor?
  • 5) Find Winter Park’s last remaining hitching post that was used by riders who came into town on horseback. Look for it in the Morse Boulevard median across from the French bakery, Croissant Gourmet. (It’s the smallest black pole in the median) Count the total number of benches you find in the median.
  • 6) What is the name of the street that borders the northern part of Central Park on Park Avenue? It is also the name of a cat made famous in the comic strips!
  • 7) Return to the Winter Park Historical Museum on New England Avenue. As you walk down the sidewalk, note the cement flower boxes underneath the museum sign. These are watering troughs for the horses that pulled the wagon loads of oranges and grapefruits to the train station. Farmers came to the depot to have their fruit weighed and then the citrus was loaded on a train and sent up north.

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